Training Principle: Law of Irradiation

Law of Irradiation

What is the Law of Irradiation

The strength technique of irradiation is defined as “the ability of one muscle when it tenses strongly, to recruit the tension of nearby muscles.”

Why is it performed?

Irradiation is a technique to promote tension and the more tension through the body while lifting the more muscles fibres are being recruited which leads to increased force production, and the more rigid the body can become which reduces risk of injury.

How it is performed

  1. Close your fist and you feel the muscles of the fingers and hand contract.
  2. Squeeze harder and the tension will irradiate to your upper arm and your biceps and triceps contract.
  3. Squeeze even harder and the tension will irradiate to your shoulders, chest and back.

What can it be used for?

  1. Hands: Crushing a bar during all pressing and pulling movements.
  2. Feet: Grabbing the ground with your toes to active your calf so the leg is stabilised in squatting.

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