Only available for purchase in facility

Wrist Wraps 1

Wrist Wraps

Need some support for your heavy lifts or some stability in your body weight training? The Mad Skillz Wrist Wraps have got you covered!

Made with a soft material designed to stretch, these can be wrapped as tightly as desired without the worry of discomfort. The stretch allows for a cast-like affect, by cranking these up you can secure your wrists in place so all you have to focus on is moving the weight! Some movements require support without sacrificing wrist mobility, the material allows for the wrist to move freely and is super comfortable.

Can be used during pressing, squatting and odd object lifting.

Comfortable and great stretch.
Easy to release thumb-loop.


60 centimetre length.
Available in black with red stripes.
Sold as a pair.

Only Available for Purchase in Facility.
    – Test try your wraps.
    – Shown different forms of wrapping.
    – Shown how to get the most out of your wraps.

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