About the Gym

Join a training facility as tough as you!

We’ve created a training facility as tough as you!

Ascend provide effective strength coaching, optimum performance
progression and the highest quality equipment for striving strength and
hybrid athletes. We are a serious training environment and welcoming
community for aspiring beginners and advanced competitors.
Conveniently located in Caloundra West, we offer superior strength training
and conditioning for novice to Olympic athlete.
Our point of difference is that we are the leading open access gym for hybrid
lifting and conditioning in the local area.
We’ve created a custom-built state of the art space so you can train in-group
classes on individually to achieve your goals.


The Ascend Difference

  • We have the best strength equipment Australia has to offer.
  • We have a strength coach that is invested into your training and
  • We have a community of experienced members who can help each
    other get stronger.

Why Pay the Premium?

A typical issue with services that training facilities like Ascend come across is the cost.
Training facilities should be treated as a training environment, not a hazard riddled work space.
At Ascend you will find many rules regarding cleanliness and order are subject to the requirements of hard training.

You will not find a perfectly maintained floor because chalk comes and goes.
You will not find a reception desk, it is simply a resting place for the on-site coach.
You will not find signs demanding personal towels, because Ascend will supply towels and wipes if need be.

You will find the best strength equipment Australia has to offer.
You will find a strength coach that is invested into your training and longevity.
You will find a community of experienced members who can help each other get stronger.

"I had particular exercise needs due to lose of strength from illness. Peter is a professional, pleasant and very knowledgeable coach who has not only been able to meet those needs, but with his vast knowledge has been able to adjust my program to suit my changing needs."
First Member

Open Hours

Monday to Friday
6:00am to 8:00am
4:00pm to 8:00pm

8:00am to 10:00pm

Importance of Strength


Develop a stronger, healthier body
Increase your muscle mass and look great
Move better and pain free by learning proper technique
Enhance power and speed to move faster and more athletically
Reduces the risk of injury and become bulletproof from sports


Burns body fat for a longer time after exercise than non-strength training
Regulate your hormones naturally to enhance health without risk
Helps control blood flow, blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol
Helps to prevent sleep apnea or insomnia, improving sleep quality
Gain greater levels of energy and maintain better posture


Manages and improves stress and anxiety
Helps lift overall mood and mental attitude
Increases brain function and clear thinking
Spend less time training to enjoy life
Makes living easier!

Owner and Coach of Ascend Hybrid Lifting
Peter Cox

Peter Cox is a strength coach and former Army fitness instructor who is passionate about health and fitness with a focus on strength training. Inspired by great mentors who are some of the best in the sport of strength, Powerlifting, Ascend is the culmination of a simple idea for a powerful strength and conditioning facility.

Peter was inspired to start a strength and conditioning facility because of his love for training, percentages and shiny objects, but the greatest reason was to help those wanting to get involved in weight training to speed up their learning and strength training journey. Ascend has an on-site coach during all open hours, this provides beginners the chance to streamline their training without the years of mistakes made by most people and Peter’s passion for coaching and helping others realise their potential to make them healthier, stronger and more powerful.

Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness
ASCA Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach
Certified First Aid

2018 Brisbane’s Strongest Man and Woman – Novice Class

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